The 9 Week Alignment Sprint

The foundational course in our Aligned Leadership curriculum

Jump-start your organizational alignment knowledge, and make an immediate difference in your organization as you go along! This course introduces you to Paul Penny's Alignment Framework, The P Principles, with 10 modules delivered over 9 weeks. Each week includes an opportunity to apply what you learn in assessing, planning, and improving alignment within your organization. 

While mastering these methods, and completing the journey to a Culturally Aligned organization, often takes years, this course is designed to get leaders started down the path with a strong base of knowledge and incremental, but impactful, improvements. 

Course Syllabus

Welcome to the 9 Week Alignment Sprint!

Purpose of the Course Expectations for the Course How to get help during the course The Alignment Revolution Community

Alignment 101

Why alignment matters This isn't a new idea Where does alignment come from? Where does alignment go? Introduction to The P Principles

Aligning Purpose

What do we mean by Purpose, and where does it come from? How do you communicate the Organization's purpose? Building a great Vision Story The Organizational Value Proposition

Aligning Passion

Why Passion Matters Understanding the Passions of your People Understanding the Passion of your Customers Understanding the Passion of Other Stakeholders Finding the Passion of your Organization

Aligning Products

What is a Product? What is an Aligned Product? Aligning Products with your Purpose and Passion Aligning Products with your Customers' Passion

Aligning Priorities

Why Priorities Matter Why One Top Priority? Distilling Aligned Priorities Setting Aligned Goals

Aligning Plans

What is a Plan, and why do we have them? What is an Aligned Plan? What Types of Plans Should be Aligned? Building Aligned Plans

Aligning Practices

What do we mean by "Practices"? Why Aligned Practices Matter Clarity in Communications and Expectations Helping Aligned Team Members Grow Other Practices that Matter

Aligning Processes

What is a Process? Why Processes Matter What are Aligned Processes and where do they come from? Focusing on the RIGHT Processes How much is enough / too much Process? Process Improvement Best Practices

Aligning Performance

Why do we Measure Performance? What should we Measure? Aligning Metrics Aligning Incentives Leading Performance Improvement

Sustaining Alignment

Nurturing Alignment Maintaining a Discipline of Alignment Continuously Improving Alignment Aligning with new Stakeholders Growing a Culture of Alignment

The 9 Week Alignment Sprint Wrap-up

Wrap-up, Next Steps, and Resources

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